Rowan Magazine 56

Just received my copy of the new Rowan Magazine 56. It is so beautiful as always! The magazine and the new yarn will arrive in stores at the end of July. I have one of my designs in the Craftwork story –Franziska turtleneck sweater knitted in Felted Tweed Yarn.  Magazine 56 is showcasing three stories to reflect these major trends for the Autumn/Winter 2014/2015. Wilderness is inspired by Scottish influence, Craftwork is an artisan approach o traditional craft influenced by Bauhaus and Art & Craft movement. Essentials... a collection of the key shapes of the season.

When I closed last page of the magazine-what a surprise, my sweater was on the back of the cover!

Rowan cover 2 Rowan cover 1 Baby 60 1Baby 60

DSC02345 Rowan fall 56 1

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