Finally a few years later…

I just received my new program Intwined Studio and imediately started to practice using my few years old project Audrey. I can’t say I love everything about it, but overall it is a great tool for making charts and writing pattern. Almost five years ago I posted a pictures of Knitting dress Audrey on my website, FB, Twitter and my book I received more than 100 emails with request of the pattern for this project. Finally, after two nights of playing with Intwined studio I finished my Audrey. Now the pattern is available on Ravelry or my website

Please visit at

If you are interested to see the transformation of my beautiful model Julia, go to my YouTube channel at


You will see a great work of my friend who is a makeup artist (she worked in St. Petersburg theater and was teaching makeup in the collage).

DSC04588 DSC04652 DSC04592 DSC04624


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