New Noro Magazine

  Check out the new Noro Magazine, which features a pompom cape in Noro/KFI Karuta and a patchwork jacket in Noro/KFI Karuta and Hitsuji.
 Noro Magazine 2012, photo by Rose Callahan
  Pompom Cape
  Designer: Galina Carroll
  Yarn Information: Noro/KFI Karuta
  For sizes: One size fits most
 Patchwork Jacket
 Designer: Galina Carroll
 Yarn Information: Noro/KFI Hitsuji & and Noro/KFI Karuta
 For sizes: Small/Medium, Large/X-Large
 Amounts: 6 (7) skeins Hisuji in #5
 2 (3) skeins Karuta in #3


Video for Kitty

I published a little video about my best seller pattern “Kitty” on YouTube channel I hope this video will help to those who purchased the pattern to see the process of the knitting.  

Your Knitting Life

This project:”Broad Stripe Sweater “was designed for those who like clean lines and airy bell sleeves. Just to intrigue you I am placing the sketch that I created for this project. The newest issue of Your Knitting Line magazine is hitting newsstands today and you could own this pattern. The sleeves were changed from the original idea to satisfy majority of knitters.


For last few weeks, I was working on three different projects. It is always fun to start anything new.  I have a bag of very beautiful yarn from Rowan that I took with me to Jamaica. Colorful flowers, turquoise water, rhythms of Caribbean’s music all of it was a great help to put my thoughts on paper and swatches.  Rowan is one of my favorite knitting magazines and the work for them was a pure pleasure.  I am very pleased that two of my designs will be in the Rowan Magazine 53.

Noro project

I am working on two projects for Noro book.  Both of them are finished now. For my first project, I used only one color of this beautiful but deceptive yarn. Noro is a very colorful thick/thin thread. When you know your gauge and the size and you are working with one color it is not so difficult. I normally do not have mistakes with my calculation and the result is pretty much close to my original sketch and size.  My second project is intarsia jacket (two colors and slightly different gauge) was a nuisance from the stitch one. I thought my gauge was fine, but it was not. So, my advice: if you have to use two or more colors of Noro – pay attention to the gauge and the size of the garment (you may have to adjust one or another).

Striped Sweater

One of my sketches was approved for the project “Striped Sweater”. This yarn is not my favorite, but it is a project and will be published in June/July 2012. Materials for the project are on the photo

Sketch & Stitch

 I am very happy with my book “Sketch & Stitch”, which could be purchased from my website at . Thank you for supporting my small business and the website. Here are a few photos from the book and the link to my YouTube channel to see little video about “Sketch & Stitch” at


Here is a link to my newest knitting pattern, “Purple” . I want everybody to be able to afford this because I am going to use all the proceeds of the sales as a donation to help the Japanese people. All patterns on my site will sell for less than two dollars for a few month. I will give 100% of the profits to Japanese relief funds.