Is was very long eleven days since we lost power and all connections with the world. Although I had a crank radio, but my hand was too tired to wind it. Landscape behind my window was looking dramatic. Just yesterday tall strong oaks were rustling their leafs high in the blue sky. Today they were down, broken, leaning on houses, wires or crossing the roads. I didn’t see the pictures of the devastation of Sandy on TV, just horror stories on my radio. My house was among the lucky ones that survived during the storm. There was very small but warm area in the house around the wood stove and we were able to cook on top of it. I loved my hot soups more than ever. Within a couple of days we cooked and consumed 60% of the contents of our freezer. Like wild animals we were trying to store as much as we could fit in our guts before winter. During the day time I was knitting my project. About six o’clock it was dark already and eyes were adapting to night time vision. How much one could read or do anything with a candle light, not much. Eight o’clock was a bed time for us. We were not sleeping, just talking about our memories under down comforters. How often do we do it? Thank god, our children’s families were warm and save. All these long lasting evening I was thinking of my mother. She was seventeen when she survived 900 days in the siege of Leningrad. It was very cold and long Russian winter. A little piece of bread that city provided for each person was the only meal during one sometimes a few days. She burned all furniture and books in her apartment to stay warm, sold all valuables for extra food to feed her sister. Her baby sister was in the hospital with swollen limbs and bleeding gums from starvation. She ate glue, grass, leather belt just to survive (compare to my hot soup every day). I was so cold but It helped to think that could be worse.

Still no power, but there is a power on my computer, I feel it is necessary for me to empty my mind and post it on my blog. 

Did Sandy change your way of thinking about life?